Harmony Residence

Harmony, California


A Transformative Remodel for Wine & Food Lovers

Built 2013

The beautiful Harmony house remodel created a more welcoming front-facing entry, and turned the existing three-car garage into an exercise area, sauna and entertainment room. The old garage exterior was transformed into a courtyard that allows the homeowners to barbeque, entertain and enjoy the outdoors in a space protected from wind.

A new three car garage was built to ground the entry. The barn has a large wine room with storage for more than 1,000 bottles, a mini-kitchen, study, and an area for entertaining. The homeowners wanted to grow some of their own food, so the property now has raised beds and a large orchard. Landscape became key on this windswept hill as with protection from the wildlife. A large pavillion connects the guest house to the raised beds and orchard.


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