Studio 2G Summertime Project Hop

Heidi, Neal and newly hired intern Ashley took some time to step away from studio2G to evaluate a couple in-progress job sites and take a few minutes to enjoy the fruits of Heidi's effort at two marquee project wineries.

The day started taking a look at the Stoneridge residence. It is great to drive up to this job site, which has been in the making for quite a few years, and see tangible progress being made.

 Heidi pointing out key design elements to Neal on the Stoneridge Residence Project. All photos by Ashley Mayou.

Heidi pointing out key design elements to Neal on the Stoneridge Residence Project. All photos by Ashley Mayou.

On a cozy cul-de-sac off of lower Broad street, the Stoneridge project will proudly stand out as one of the more well crafted, modern homes in the neighborhood. Adjusting the original plan to accommodate a larger family, this 2800 sqft home is to be equipped with four bathrooms and part of the garage floor plan transitioned to an extra bedroom. The panoramic views have been a mainstay of the overall design, with excellent views of the city and the natural rock formations nestled up to the home's lot placement.

Next up for the team was a visit to Cayucos, and the Bluffs Beach House project. Located on the coastal path, the home is governed by some stringent laws to protect the local beach area. Because of this, studio2G had to take into account the law of "repair and replace" instead of "teardown or remodel". With the demo reaching its completed stage, the project can move forward to improve the living areas while maintaining the breathtaking view that only the central coastal part of the state could provide.

After admiring the hazy beauty of the coastline, it was time to hop back into the car and take a trip to wine country. Shale Oak Winery is a flagship project for Studio 2G and received many accolades from the design and professional industries. It is the only LEED Gold awarded winery in Paso Robles. Focused on sustainability, the project is designed to harvest 500,000 gallons of rainwater, which is used for utilitarian tasks like toilet water but also irrigates the vineyard. Shale Oak won the AIACCC Award of Merit, the AIACCC 2013 People’s Choice Award and the US Green Build Council’s Green Tourism Award.

A visit to Four Lanterns Winery was our final stop, just a few miles up the road.  Angled skyward, the roof structure mirroring the tasting area houses an array of solar panels that efficiently power the facility. The processing facility was split in half to allow the dynamic view of the cascading rows of vines surrounding the former vegetable and herb farm turned family winery.